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Writing Courses and education 

These courses will help you become a better writer, that's for sure. The difference, though, is that these courses will never expire. If you want quick (and FREE!) try our one-hour sessions, delving into a specific type of writing. These act as a sort of introduction to longer form courses which will be offered soon. 

If you enjoy those or want more specific writing advice or explore a form more, then try our four week or twelve week courses which will give you an affordable route to getting better with your writing. 

Here is a quick guide: 

  • Workshops: free sessions that give you an introduction to the genre and/or form. These free courses will give a great introduction to the larger sessions and act as a gateway to paid courses

  • 'How to write': Tend to be paid, twelve week courses which are a mix of interactive and self-led. These may be taught by Erica OR other lecturers/professionals. 

How to write poetry (paid)

Go from first draft to final product and understand the process of creating poetry

Writing Creative Non Fiction Workshop (Free)

Writing Creative Non Fiction is a one hour taster session, which will give you a taste into what this art form is. Erica hopes that it's something you will enjoy, as the full course is currently in development.

Outlining and effective planning in creative writing

If you’ve ever wanted to outline and don't understand where to start, or are too scared because outlining a large proeject feels like too much of a large task, this course will help you in that endevour and allow you to use your skills in outlining in a variety of different mediums.


This is a free opportunity to work 1-2-1 with novelist, poet, short story writer and playwright, Erica J. Kingdom to discuss your work in progress in any stage. From working with initial ideas to all the way to final proofreading and editing, they can work with you to perfect your writing.

Writing The Short (paid)

If you are new to writing, this paid twelve week course will give you the best chance of experimenting and understanding who you are as a short story writer. Learn how to use the space, what the form entails and what you can do with it.

Writing the Long form

This paid for course will teach you how to write the long form.

Workshop: Writing The Novel (free)

The hour long course won't teach you how to write a novel in an hour, but it will give you a start.  This will give you an opportunity to start to write your own and is a gateway to the full course (coming soon). 

Workshop: Writing Poetry (free)

Writing poetry can be difficult and this one hour long free course is here to help you and give you a swift introduction to the different types of poetry and how to write your own. 

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