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The Full Story

Eri started with a mission. Like most publishers, they wanted to make sure that people have quality books to read, specifically focusing on literature with something to say. This lead them to make The Writers Den in order to give people a home for their work that has something to say. This is the full story. 

Open Textbook in Library
Open Textbook in Library

The Press

The press was made because of the need for quality literature. Erica, at his heart, is a publisher. They publish works by themselves and others. Founded in 2021 as a podcast, The Writers Den has grown leaps and bounds into a press and a literature journal, so there are many ways to get published. 

After all, each person has a voice, which does deserve to be used.  The press wants to give people a platform, writers, poetry, cultural producers of all forms. The caveat, of course, is that it must be written down. But this is being worked on. 

The press wants to give a voice to the voiceless and make sure that the world, itself, in all its forms, can be understood.  

The press is interested in stories which are bold, brutal, interesting and give perspectives that haven't been considered before. After all, the best thing about being able to do something different is to do something unique. 


The podcast was formed out of the simple desire to talk to people. Finding out what people tick. Its all about giving a platform to different issues for writers, readers and the wider publishing industry. 

It was formed out of the desire to give the writers of tomorrow a place to be somewhere. A place to give credibility, to be somewhere that accepts them and wants ot know about their work, when after all, the world doesn't seem to care. 

it takes one person to make the world shine, and Erica formed the press to give writers credibility when its so hard to get it in a world that drowns people out from the sheer amount of noise. 

Book Shelf


Erica has always wanted to be an educator, but not necessarily a teacher. Creative writing has always been their passion. When they first went about trying to write about creative writing and give their tips, they decided that it might be possible to make some money by giving their knowledge out to others. This is what some of their more in depth classes are about. Giving knowledge for free, but also, sometimes, its important to pay (cheaply) for it. 

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