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Submitting to the Press and Magazine

If you want to give your work a chance, make sure that you follow these guidelines. Please put it in a readable font  for your eyes (recommended 12pt/ 16-18pt for visually impaired people) and include a note in your email if you can't meet any of the guidelines yourself for any reason and we will meet with you to discuss further. 

Submission rules

 Any transphobic, ableist, or otherwise intentionally deogorative writing will be banned and you will be blacklisted. You can write about these issues, but please do your research before you do/write in your email that the work contains certain themes so the editors know. You must ensure that writing is appropriate for your audience you are writing towards and for The Writers Den issues, it is 13 and above and as such, please no sexually explicit submissions, please. It is also worth noting that all submissions should be blind, so any authors names on the document themselves, will be disqualified. 

You must email with the title of your submission and what it is with the author name (in the headline)/ Within the body of the email, please include the issue(s) you are submitting to and ensure that the file name is piece and then the name of the writer (if you want this changed before publication or after publication, let us know). 


  • Please keep all submissions in docx/odt format and in size 12/14 font 

  • As many peices as you would like totaling 2000 words (unless the theme says otherwise) 

  • Avoid openings to larger works (but these will be taken on a case-by-case basis).  

Visual art

  • Up to five images 

  • Include a caption for each image you submit

  • Please write a little about how it relates to the theme (if applicable).


  • Up to five images 

  • Include a caption for each image you submit

  • Please write a little about how it relates to the theme (if applicable).


  • No more than 200 stanzas and no specific word count

  • Context behind the poem and how it relates to the theme

  • If you have specific formatting requirements, please provide a PDF file 

Submitting to the Press

Congratulations on writing the next piece of writing readers will love! Additionally, thank you for considering The Writers Den Press for your next work. Please follow the guidelines below in order to maximise your chances of publication. 

What you need 

In order to work, we need quite a bit from you as a writer but it is all in the best interest of maximizing your project with us in mind. We will support you and do our best to help you, but as the writer, we need to understand and get a scope for where your work fits on the bookshelf. To do this, we will need a press kit. If you haven't made one before, that's okay and we will happily help you! 

  • This kit will include a blurb about the book and some key takeaways from the reader. 

    • A tip for you:  have a look at some sell sheets and consider adding these into your submissions package. If this is fiction, you will need to include a synopsis with your package. If it is non-fiction, then you will need to submit a step by step outline of the book as well as a synopsis. 

  • You must give us an idea of the competitors that your book will face, where it sits in the market.

    • A word of warning: do not say that your next work will be the next hunger games if you don't have significant data to prove it.  Saying ;for fans of X and Y' though is absolutely fine and definitely welcome and encouraged! Please list as many competitors as you can think of (in the last five years). 

  • We also need to understand what you want from your book. What ideas do you have to promote the book, will you, for example use social media blogs, will you use social media, are you very good at a specific type of marketing? If so, tell us. 

    • Additionally: if you have any social media following/any brand which you could promote this with, let us know. We would love to help you make use of your platform with your new book. ​

  • We also need to know about you and what you bring to the table. Pitch yourself to us and why we would like to have you and publish your work. Entice us, give us something that we wouldn't have considered before. 

  • A few ideas to help you:

    • Have you graduated from a writing course or some other form of degree?

    • Are you a specialist in a certain subject? 

    • What do you write about?

    • Who are you?

    • Have we published any of your work before? Where (if at all) have you been published? If not, that is okay!  

  • We also need to see the first ten pages of your manuscript to get a feel for your writing style (this will be form the first chapter in your work) to understand how we can best help you. 

Submit today and let us help your dreams of publication come to life!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns that haven't been answered in the Commonly Asked Questions section below. Otherwise, if you feel like you are ready to go on the journey with us, then please submit now. We await your application with ease and look forward to helping your dreams come to life. 

Commonly Asked Questions (for Writers Den journal)

Can I put my work in other places? 

Yes, as you are the copyright holder of  the original work, then after the issue is published, all we have is the right to archive. What this means is that you can put in a hundred different  places after the issue is out. You can also (dependent on other journals) submit it to other places and put it on your own blog. 

If you are going to submit to the press, then this is an agreement where we have the rights to publish, but we will discuss this further as to how the royalties are divided up, so in this case, you can go for other projects to other places, but we have the publication rights and that is it. You still retain the copyright to your work, though. 

What rights do you need? 

For the journal, all we need is the rights to archive and publish. For the press, then we need the rights to publish and print your work. You remain the rito the copyright to your work. 

Why did you reject my work? 

Rejections of your work is not based on you as a writer and doesn't determine your worth as a creative. We do stress, that writing is rejected on the basis on its suitability for the journal, because the voice was not right for the direction of the issue and this is a massive consideration of the editors of the issue. If you want to submit something, we advise you to do it as soon as you feel your submission is ready, as the 'shape' of the journal tens to be decided on the first few issues.

Regarding press rejections, this, again, is not personal. Publishing, as every industry does, goes through seasons. We encourage you to re-submit at a later time, as when seasons change, your work might be right for us then. 

What if my question hasn't been awnsered, what do I do? 

If you do, then please do not fret about emailing in with the header Question: [insert question]. In the body of the email please expand on this, otherwise it will to into our junk mail folder and we will not see it. If you don't want to email in, then please contact the relivant social media channels. 

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