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Wrong body

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I know I'm in the wrong body,

There isn't any rime or reason for the tragedy,

I just know that I'm in the wrong body.

I feel like an offbeat melody, not fitting the beats I'm meant to.

No matter what you do – don't sing me a rhapsody.

I'm not a poor boy, in fact I'm not a boy at all.

I don't need your sympathy.

All I need to know is that you care,

Even though I'm splitting my inked heart on the page,

I don't expect this to reach you until you're aged. Until you’re dying by the choking hold of your ignorance.

I know you don't understand me; but that's for your safety.

I know if you knew it would be a painful death for me.

It hurts to perform the same role every day.

Playing the same set. Saying the same lines every single day.

I hope that one day that this illusion you have yourself under will be broken – the idea of having a straight white son is dispelled as an illusion.

Now I need to carve my name in rock, not sand. And fight your overbearing, monstrous hands.

To break out of the cage you've locked me in.



Always having a book to hand, Erica J. Kingdom is convinced that she is from a fantasy realm. She started writing when studying for her GCSEs, in addition to being an English teacher in training. Their works can be found in journals such as The Paper Crane and Honeyfire Lit. When she embarks on a larger project, she loves writing about challenging topics such as revenge and the importance of responsibility within society. When she isn’t writing, they love to take walks through the local forests and casually plays the piano.

Her favourite books are those which present adventure, explore the complexities of the human condition and let her delve into the millions of worlds that stories have to offer.

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