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The Flicker

We live in the flicker –

May it last as long as

the old Earth keeps rolling!

But darkness was here yesterday.” ¹

Particles accelerating;

particles colliding.

Creating a system, a star,

a momentary twinkle

in a flash before

singularity death.

The spinless boson lives

without change or charge.

The Spinless boson welcomed

inflation and the universe

stretched its legs for its first

sunrise stroll.

The spinless boson

tipped its hat as

the universe walked

its Welshie around the block

that first morning

after the expansion began.

As gases, atoms,

the mass of everything

exploded at the speed of light,

the spinless boson

knew the score.

Quantum acceleration

until the cooling.

Entropic endings

and the slowing of

all things.

¹ Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. 3rd Ed. Robert Kimbrough, ed. W. W. Norton and Company, 1988. P. 9.

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