How far are you willing to go to get what you want? 

The son of the current reigning monarch, Nate, is forced to watch as the world unravels in front of him. When Lucifer murders his mother in front of his eyes, revenge fuels him. Now, as the next in line to the Throne, he vows to take it by force, but can’t do it alone. Luckily, the trial for the next monarch is looming, and they might have found the perfect candidate.

In a mortal village, Lexi must endure the destruction that the Demon Empire has brought upon her village.


With all her friends dead, the village broken, and the news of the destruction of the Demonic empire’s Queen, she decides to attempt the trial head on to become the next in line, whilst attempting to distroy it from the inside out.

An unlikely friendship, alliance forms between them.

If taking the throne by force was their only challenge…

"Erica's language and storytelling is indeed complex and well crafted."

Dante Rocío

Meet the person behind the words 

Like everyone, Erica has a story. they hope that the world will enjoy this short bio. it will give a small glimpse into who they are. 



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