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Submission Guidelines 

  1. It is highly preferred that you Follow the Twitter and Instagram pages (@thewritersden__) for updates - but an email will be sent around during the process.

  2. There may be a need to edit your work. If this is the case, then we will consult you throughout the process.

  3. That homophobic, ablest, transphobic or racist work shall not be published and instantly rejected. Also, please are submissions able to be in size 14 and double lined spaced

  4. All submissions are blind; no identifying information shall be included on the document itself

  5. Please know that at this time, there are no funds for a print or to pay the amazing contributors. 

  6. You can submit once to each category to each issue. If you are doing this, please write one email, but specify which piece in in which issue. 

  7. Please write a cover letter. For more information on how to do this, please check the blog post. 

  8. Please respect this is a 13+ mag; so whilst sexual acts can be hinted, they cannot be explicit.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you wish to have your submission published under a different name, then please send an email replying to your submission. 

For Prose 

  1. Do not submit more than two entries in one submission period 

  2. If microfiction is your thing (under 100), then please send us four - this is so that we are able to have a wide range of choice. 

  3. Do not submit something over 2000 words. This is flash fiction (under 750), then you can submit up to two pieces that are up to this word limit. 

For Poetry

  1. No more than four pages of poetry 

  2. you can submit three poems for the submission period 

  3. If these have a speific format, please attach a PDF to you submission, otherwise use a word document

For Visual art and photography

1. Please make sure the art is working with the theme 

2. Please include a visual impairment suggestion, this is what is going on in the image as the leader is visually impaired. Please check the blog for more on this. 

3. please make sure that the photograph or art piece is in high quality for use in the journal 

4. please submit using a JPEG format ​

How To Submit 

  1. Email

  2. Title the email: submission for [prose/poetry/visual art] 

  3. Within the body please include: the issue(s) your submitting for, trigger warnings (if applicable) and a sign off. Please do this once for each text for each issue you are submitting to. Also include one third person author bio in the cover letter too. 

  4. Please name the submission: [submission name: issue] so the team can publish it correctly. 

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