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Submission Guidelines 

  1. That homophobic, ablest, transphobic or racist work shall not be published and instantly rejected. Submissions should in size 14 and double lined spaced. 

  2.  All submissions are blind; no identifying information shall be included on the document itself

  3. You can submit once to each category to each issue.

  4.  A cover letter will be needed with your submission.  Please consult the blog on how to do this. 

  5. Content must be appropriate for a 13+ audience

For Prose 

  1. Do not submit something over 2000 words. You may send any combination of pieces totalling the word count.

  2. Only one submissions document per period. 

  3. Please submit in DocX/odt format 

For Poetry

  1. No more than 200 stanzas of poetry

  2. There is no specific word count for this. 

  3. If you have specific formatting, please send as a PDF. 

For Visual art and photography

1. Please include a visual impairment suggestion, this is what is going on in the image as the leader is visually impaired. Please check the blog for more on this. 

2. Please submit using a JPEG format ​

3. you can submit up to five separate photographs/art pieces 

How To Submit 

  1. Email

  2. Title the email submission for [prose/poetry/visual art] 

  3. Within the body please include: the issues you're submitting to, the name of the pieces, and a third person author bio. 

  4. Please name the submission: [submission name: issue] so the team can publish it correctly. 

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