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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as you are the copyright holder of  the original work, then after the issue is published, all we have is the right to archive. What this means is that you can put in a hundred diffeent places after the issue is out. You can also (dependant on other journals) submit it to other places and put it on your own blog. 

What rights do you need from us? 

All we ask is publication rights and archival rights. These will allow us to publish your work and archive it. After we have published it, then all rights go back to you (the author). 

What if my question hasn't been awnsered, what do I do? 

If you do, then please do not fret about emailing in with the header Question: [insert question]. In the body of the email please expand on this, otherwise it will to into our junk mail folder and we will not see it. If you don't want to email in, then please contact the social media channels indicated in rule 1 and in the header of the website. 

Can I post my work to other places once the issue is out? 

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